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Services Provided: Web Development, Scripting, Redesign, XHTML & CSS, Project Management

As the web lead for Geeks Mobile I was in charge of managing the main site as well as a handful of geo-targeted satellite sites. The existing website was good, but there was an expressed lack of conversions to the booking form. In order to heighten the conversion rate, I used Google Web Site Optimizer to test numerous variations throughout the site. In doing so I increased the number of conversions by a significant amount; however, I knew that I could make it much more efficient.

In order to really boost lead generation, the company's web presence needed an overhaul. The existing site had undergone many revisions, and managing the satellite sites was cumbersome and time-consuming. I started the project by redesigning the entire website using what I had learned from numerous site heatmaps, analytics data, and Google Website Optimizer experiments. I then designed a system to manage the new design across an unlimited amount of domains using php and automatic sync scripts.

With the new system in place, the company was able to easily expand its reach nationwide with now over 70 geo-targeted satellite websites. Also, lead generation is now up approximately 290% as well as traffic. Aside, deploying a revision to all of the sites has been cut down from hours to just minutes.

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