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Services Provided: Drupal Web Development, Scripting, Redesign, XHTML & CSS, Project Management

Adam & Moe from The Next Champions approached me with an aging website with outdated information that didn't reflect the brand or the business. They were looking for an engaging experiance that would bridge the gap between the instructors, their students, and their families. Adam also expressed to me a need to manage their client's contact information in an easy to navigate manner, and to help link that information with class registration data.

After planning and wireframing the website, I came up with a solution that allowed their customers to create individual accounts on their website. With accounts, each customer would have their personal contact information stored on the website for The Next Champions to access. Also, using the Webform module, I built a custom solution that lets users register for classes online through the website. Previously, all registration was done in-person and on paper, but now it's quick and easy.

The Next Champions and their customers have all loved the new website, and plans are in place for truly moving everything to the website, including newsletters this fall and winter session.

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